Digital marketing is important in the digital era. When the era is digitalized the marketing strategy should be changed. People tend or depend more on digital marketing rather than the ancient system. Digital marketing improve the marketing in an easier way. In a word it can be said that the marketing with the help of internet can be described as digital marketing. The use of mobile phones or the devices which can use internet can be used for digital marketing. The internet is the marketing professional who works for the company so that bulk mails will be reached to the targeted customers.

Pay per click or PPC or SEO is another easiest digital marketing techniques.PPC is the best way to advertise .The amount is paid only per click and its best convenient method to market a product.  You can tailor your search words so that the customer is always targeted.PPC ads are flexible, visible and most importantly not even a penny is wasted for marketing unless the ads are clicked by the targeted customers.

SEO can help to optimize the website which holds a prime position in the search engines. The first page in search engine, the ultimate aim is to attract the visitors increase the number of visitor to site. As the viewers increases the popularity of the site increases. Websites increases the popularity of the brand and the brand name becomes popular among the people. The online booking services for restaurants, beauty, spa, saloons helps to arrange their schedule according to customer’s availability.  The people feels relaxed in the proper timing schedule and the working hours as well as number of human resources can be managed easily. For example, if the number of cases increases the for the day the companies can increase their manpower for the day. All the customers can offer a better service with the lending of manpower for the day.