Software is made for the general purpose. There is much kind of software that generally functions with its features. Customized software helps to mould the software according to need or necessities of the customer. An application may consist of many different features but it may have the different options that might not be useful for the company. Customised software helps or improves the user to target the customers much better than a un customised software.

The software designed for a particular professional group can be used by them for its purposes. The school management system is popular among the web pages, but a customised school management system will be beneficial for the schools and colleges. The application based attendance management system  which detects face and id card scanner to ensure the presence of student in the campus, GPS tracking of school vehicles, individual  web based accounts for each student so that parent can ensure the academic status of the child. The online payment gateway provides a better option for fee payment. The fee dues can be analysed online and the pending fee can be easily paid through online payment gateway.

Furthermore, an un customised software can be used for the same without much more features. It may not be fulfilled with all your requirements. The major advantage of customised software’s are they are user friendly and it can always ensure all the features that you demand and hence you may able to reduce manpower cost. The labour force can be over ride with machine intelligence with the help of software. Thus the labour cost can be reduced to a greater extent. The automated machine language can give accurate report than manual accounting. So altogether customised software’s are much better than un customised software.

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